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Accurate Scale Systems

If you are looking for a platform scale to weigh your cattle accurately, count on LBS Scales. We manufacture precise weight measurement systems. You can buy different kinds of scales from us, and we will service them as well. You can also contact us to learn about our money-back guarantee.

Platform Scales

Hay Processor

Weigh Cage

Weigh Cage

Medium Sized Cattle

Small animal scale

3 different door styles

Cube Feeder

Calf Scale

Scales for Meticulous Weight Measurement

In addition to platform scale, we offer a multitude of scales for accurate weight measurements. Some of these are:

Squeeze chute applications

Calf Scale

Walkway Scale

Load Cells

Electronic indicators

Cake feeder scale

Hay processor scale

Hog scale

Hay processor scale

Big bird platform weighing system

we deliver anywhere in the US

Scale Service within 150 miles of Garden City Kansas.

LBS Scales


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